One little worm is on his way to reach his revenge!

Wormy is just a little worm who lives with his girlfriend at one meadow. One day dangerous beetle named Barky appears and kill her. Wormy is not a superhero but this event makes him very angry and under your control he wil get on dangerous trip with only one goal: get Barky.

Wormy is hardcore game or like we love to call it - Czech answer to games like Super Meat Boy or Cup Head.

In our game player will face seventy original levels (scenes) in five different locations. Each level is special and offers new traps and surprises. In the end of each chapter player will face strong boss.

Wormy is game easily accessible for everybody. Main character is controled only by five keys - thats all. Nothing more is required!

Levels in this game are difficult, yes. However - each one contains secret way how to finish it easier.

Works on this game started back in 2014. During all these years concept was slightly changed to make it more user friendly and more funny for gameplay.